WIW as I Transition

So I am learning how to take inspiration and make an outfit. This is the pin that inspired today's outfit. I don't have a cheetah print skirt (yet) so I had to use what I had to evoke the feeling of this outfit.

I am learning to let my pins inspire my outfits rather than trying copy them. At this stage even if I have all the pieces to copy I still may not be able to wear the outfit as pinned. (No sense in inviting disappointment) I am very happy with this interpretation. My hair is freshly washed so it essentially sent me the "resistance is futile" memo - I had to do what it wanted to do. I thought  my hair today was an artsy addition to the outfit.

I am wearing:

  • Navy Apt. 9 knit jersey waterfall cardi tied as a wrap top
  • Apt 9 cheetah print scarf
  • Be band in white
  • ON basic white tank
  • ON cords in deep teal
  • Land's End suede boots in toffee

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WIW to run errands

I was scrolling though my Spring Inspiration board on pinterest and was inspired by all the pics of emerald and kelly green. I had to adapt an outfit I wore about this time last year (pic #2). The blouse no longer fits properly and we're still dealing with below normal temps and 6-8 inches of snow on the ground, so the footwear is not the most inspiring (combat boots). In pic #1 I'm wearing:

  • an old navy sweater,
  • LOFT straight leg jeans, and
  • Liz Claiborne tote
  • old navy tank (no maternity clothes today).

I like #2 better but #1 will do for now.


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My favorite cardi

Last week I had a continuing education luncheon to attend. I pulled out old faithful, my favorite blue old navy cardigan. I when I want to feel great and don't know what to wear I always start with this sweater. I wore it with a skirt this time (pic #1) because pants are a little tricky for me just now and I wanted a nice smooth line. (I believe I have Natalie to thank for the skirt tip).

I have included photos of other ways I have worn this cardigan. Picture 2 has been worn so many times, but I never get tired of it!

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by.


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