Styling ideas needed for these shoes!

Yep, I'm on team wear. I just opened the box that came in the mail today and in it were my NEW oxfords. I love the color and shine (color and shine are my stock in trade). So I need help trying to figure out how to work this into an outfit for a fairly conservative law office tomorrow. Any ideas???


A bra story

I thought that this subject might appeal to a broader audience so I thought I separate posting might be helpful. This is a response I provided to Biscuitsmom's question what brand/style of bra do I wear when I do my posts.

I rotate between 6-8 bras on a daily basis. I do not wear the same bra 2 days in a row. I wear a size 34K and even discovering that fact took more than a good professional fitting. (SA's are reluctant to lift up the girls to get a proper band measurement so I usually ended up in a 36J which would constantly ride up my back. I enlisted DH to help me get an accurate measurement and I no longer have ride up issued now that I have 34" bands.

I have 2 Bravissimo Alana bras
I have 1 Panache Tango II bra
I have 1 Panache Tango Classic bra (today I wore this one)
I have 1 Panache Tango Luxe Balconnet bra
I have 1 Fantasie Kathryn underwire side support bra
I have 2 Goddess Kiera bra (these are American bras so they are size 34M -- American bra sizes beyond D cups only increase by a 1/2 inch rather than 1inch like european bras)

I also wear a Flexees "fat free dressing" shapewear cami under most of my outfits. I have 2 of these in black.

I buy all of my bras on line. My favorite websites are: -- I usually never have to pay more than $50.00 for a bra here -- expensive but lots of great reviews on fit and quality -- they have great sales I got all of my Panache bras from them and paid less that $35.00 for all of them in late December

other sites I like for comparison are:

* I forgot to mention that all of my bras are classified as full coverage for the most part.