Dinner with friends

This is what I wore to have dinner at a friend's house with DH. I had not seen the host in the flesh in at least 5 years. Another guest I had not seen in about 7 years. it was wonderful! We forgot the time completely and I did not crawl into my own bed until 5am. This was definitely not possible while we were in graduate school (DH and I were in grad school together from 2010 to 2013).

This dress is from Old Navy. It's a drop waist dress that is truly 3 sizes too big in the hips. I  have one of those stretchy belts on so that I could raise the dropped waist to just under my belly use the extra fabric to blouse over my belt and raise the skirt from below the knee to just above my knee. I added the red scarf and tights thinking of Ornella's style. My combat boots finish off this look.

What do you think of this?

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  • Mellllls replied 8 years ago

    Love! Love the matching tights and scarf.

  • El Cee replied 8 years ago

    You look stunning! That ON dress is a keeper and may be worth its weight in gold during your pregnancy. The way you have styled it, I cannot even tell that it is too big… it just looks beautifully fluid and drapey. Thank goodness for stretchy belts. Sounds like you had a magical evening. It is so very special to have friends like that… the ones that when you are with them again (even after a big gap in time), you can just pick up where you left off as if you just saw them last week.

  • Day Vies replied 8 years ago

    El Cee - truer words have never been spoken about both the dress and friends.

  • viva replied 8 years ago

    Wow - I seriously cannot imagine staying up that late! LOL I am sooooo old.
    You look just beautiful in this outfit and have done an amazing job modifying the dress. Love the touches of red.

  • Kristin L replied 8 years ago

    I would have never thought of raising the waist of your dress like that! You look great (as always).

    Isn't wonderful to catch up with friends until the wee hours? 

  • Day Vies replied 8 years ago

    K - absolutely, I felt like we were in isolation because of the demands of work and school. Catching up with friends is a refreshing change.

  • lyn67 replied 8 years ago

    YLF, and what a tricky preggy dress, you got! I love Ornella's matching colored scarf and thights, so love it on you, too!:-)

  • Jenava replied 8 years ago

    I love this with the boots!  Nice to hear about a wonderful time iwith hold friends.  I've had a similar experience since I was in grad school and hubby in undergrad for about 2.5 years ending in 2011 (working, too).  He's just finishing his last quarter and a third now...I've been dubbed the "school widow" by friends because I hang out with all our couple friends by myself while hubby does homework.  I can't wait for us to BOTH be back to a normal life!

  • Ornella replied 8 years ago

    I think you look amazing and creative given the challenges the pregnancy presents. 

    Putting this on my copy list, btw! Red tights AND red scarf - that I must try.

    I'm glad you had a great time. It is wonderful when the time flies in good company, isn't it? That's by far my favourite form of fun - the company of fantastic, intelligent, openminded, fun people. This Friday our friend from university whom my husband also worked with for a while drove by our city on the way home from some conference here in Germany. What was supposed to be a quick stop to refresh himself, ended up as staying over. We had a blast.

  • adorkable replied 8 years ago

    Love the dress! The red and black is a great combination (and it looks like your lipstick goes really well).

    Lordy, I *definitely* know the feeling y'all are talking about with school and the like. After 6 years of grad school and another 9 months of working 2-3 jobs, I finally almost feel like a human being again. Two more weeks to go!

  • Aubergine replied 8 years ago

    Sounds like a wonderful evening. It's a shame how hard it can sometimes be to find time to just hang out and chat with friends.

    Love the red tights and the dress looks so comfy and cute!

  • Day Vies replied 8 years ago

    It seems the older you get the harder it becomes to make time for good friends.

    Jenava -
    I'm still adjusting to normal life. I think I've finally gotten rid of the feeling that I should be doing something productive at every moment of the day.
    - I thought I was sure I'd seen you do this before. I guess I was wrong, but I know I was definitely inspired by your color blocked combinations. I agree talking with friends is definitely my favorite idea of a great time.

  • Ornella replied 8 years ago

    Hehe, you probably have seen me in the red tights, also the red scarf, but not the two together :-D

  • annagybe replied 8 years ago

    Great outfit!

  • Karie replied 8 years ago

    The time so so quickly when spending time with friends - sounds like you had a fantastic evening. I love how the scarf and tights bookend each other.

  • gryffin replied 8 years ago

    Day Vies - love this on you!!  So creative and I would never have thought the dress was so oversized.  You made it look perfect!!  You are a magician with a belt and scarf!!  So glad you got to spend time with your friends!!  There's never enough time for that!!  You need to treasure every moment!!

  • CocoLion replied 8 years ago

    This is not what I'd expect of your style, it is kind of tough rather than classic but I really, REALLY like it.  The red tights keep it from being too hard though.  It's very urban hip.

    Sounds like you had an amazing night… 5 am!!! 

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    Love your creative and fab approach to 2nd Trimester style!  I think this could easily work with bare legs and flats, too.

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