Dressing up my crocs

I  had an appointment this afternoon and selected appropriately cheerful colors and patterns. Because I knew I would be doing plenty of walking down town I decided to wear my crocs for practical reasons. I also wanted to make sure it didn't look like I slapped them on my feet and my "real" shoes were in my bag. I thought this was fun tell me what you think are the crocs sufficiently integrated?

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  • lyn* replied 9 years ago

    I was slightly scared for you when you mentioned Crocs - but these just look like purty sandals!

    I am so envious - you look amazing in all of the jewel tones! And I think I have a similar belt! BELT TWINZ.

    :) Love this outfit! Your classic, elegant style. Which looks a lot like mine :D

  • hedgiehog replied 9 years ago

    Super cute outfit! The crocs work perfectly and I never would have guessed they were crocs. I love the splash of green with the black and white.

  • Thistle replied 9 years ago

    You have such a lovely smile! The crocs do blend into the outfit and look intentional.

    Love the outfit. Fresh and pretty but with a nod to fall despite the blistering heat!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    What a gorgeous color combo on you DV - I love graphic white and black with any shade of green.

    Those are Crocs? Fab!

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    You look great and I only know they are crocs because you told me!

  • Karie replied 9 years ago

    The crocs are beautiful, and they match your outfit perfectly!

  • Day Vies replied 9 years ago

    Lyn -- I know what you mean, the picture in my head of Crocs is definitely not a fashionable one. I am not surprised you have this belt I got it from Dorothy Perkins last fall and a red one just like it. I think you have a lot of pieces from DP. I have always loved jewel tones and I think regardless of the shade jewel tones definitely love me.

    Hedgiehog - Black white and green is definitely one of my favorite combinations. I'm not sure when I first noticed it but I have been in love with it ever since.

    Thistle - Thank you! I have been to the dentist waaaay too much this year but I think if I ever lost my teeth my natural inclination would still be to smile. This was great to wear in the heat -- the shell is sleeveless and the skirt and sweater are cotton. I am definitely ready for fall.

    Shannon - Yeah Crocs! Who knew. I was so happy to have them today because I strained my ankle yesterday and these were like wearing pillows -- comfy yet stylish.

  • Diana replied 9 years ago

    Wow, I would never have known they were crocs if you hadn't said so.  In fact, if I had seen you on the street I'd probably have thought, "her turquoise shoes are awesome!"  So I'd say you did a great job.  The whole outfit is fantastic.

  • lyn* replied 9 years ago

    Funny, I got mine at DP too. :3 We are twins.

  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Super cute! If you did not say I would never think these are Crocs!
    You look wonderful in this color!

  • AnnieMouse replied 9 years ago

    Nice work making super comfy look ridiculously stylish and posh! Great colours, all round.

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    Looking great for a hot time on city streets.  I love how the circles in the pattern on the top echo the shoes. 

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    Those are Crocs!? They look great with your outfit. The green with black and white is so crisp.

  • Asingh replied 9 years ago

    The crocs reflect the colour of the skirt. Perfectly integrated I say. You look great, DV!

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 9 years ago

    Crocs are not what they use to be.. These work well with your skirt. I've hated Cross so this is a big deal for me to change my mind...

  • Kiwichik replied 9 years ago

    Well your crocs certainly aren't what I was imagining. They look perfectly integrated and stylish.

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    DV what a gorgeous outfit, and i wouldn't have know your footwear was "Crocs" if you hadn't said so. We have a Crocs store at one of our large shopping centers and Crocs have certainly developed from when they first hit the scene. High heels, sandals, etc. Could not believe my eyes.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Love the gorgeous green! Your crocs bookend seamlessly with the skirt and the print blouse is so pretty. YLF

  • Mander replied 9 years ago

    Wow, those are Crocs? I might have to revisit them... looks great!

  • Hil replied 9 years ago

    They are not even remotely Crocish! Awesome!

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    You do the Crocs brand proud pretty lady. I think you should model for them.

  • Day Vies replied 9 years ago

    Angie - I guess I am making a PSA on their behalf, but I couldn't believably promote the ugly ones that are seared in all our brains.

    Diana- Yep I adore the color. I was afraid the turquoise was going to look too casual and clash with the polished nature of the outfit. My feet are still thanking Beth Ann because it was in one of her posts that I first learned that Crocs can look cute.

    Sveta - you know all this talk on the forum got me thinking and last night I spent 3 hours researching my colors so that I could identify my season. I think I am convinced I am a deep winter, because all jewel tones and icy shades look good on me while muddy colors look terrible on me.

    AnnieMouse - never thought I'd have comfy and posh used in the same sentence to describe something I'd willingly wear ;-)

    Hil- that's what I thought when I first saw them!

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    They look perfectly intentional and super cute! Love love love the colors!

  • rachylou replied 9 years ago

    Fab! So neat and trim :)

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    You look great! The pattern of that top is fantastic on you. And the Crocs? I would never have guessed!

  • replied 9 years ago

    I don't think you could have done a better job DayVies. Perfect for the afternoon's activities! I love that turquoise-y teal on you. 

  • Scarlet replied 9 years ago

    Crocs? You look charming. Amazing!

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