Green jeans 3 ways

So... I should really find something to clean or pack, but I'm one of those people who needs to do something creative daily to feel alive. DD doesn't like getting dressed, so fun-filled afternoons playing dressup with her will have to wait until she can fully appreciate what she's missing ;-).

The subject of this post -- my green jeans -- were not exactly what I expected. I ordered them online probably 2 years ago and thought they would be a paler hue of mint than they are. I also did not think I would be able to work with the white all over polka dot. Something in me responds to both the color and the polka dots on these jeans. Inspiration struck when I imagined them paired with a simple black top and statement accessories. I had a brief crush last year on green gold and black combinations. Once I got started, I came up with SEVERAL combinations for these jeans. I've limited myself to 3 combinations. I am in the process of moving after all and procrastination can only take up so much time ;-)

I am realizing my style is a base of modern classic with an added layer of retro. That is the only way I can explain the pieces I own, silhouettes I create, color combinations and accessories that excite me.

I felt most myself in #3 because the chambray tunic provides structure and the statement necklace provides drama and color.  Number 1 is a close second but I felt like this was a safe choice as if this were still me but more restrained (maybe because green is the only non-neutral). I feel like number 2 is definitely me but moving my personal style forward. It's a bold statement with color and accessories. The peplum hem on the top and fantastically long strand of pearls looped like a scarf are feminine with a capital F. I also like how the open front cardigan drapes around the hips as I could use a bit more volume in that area to balance out the top.

Which one would you choose for me and why?

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  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    DV, you are gorgeous. And I am completely, 100% on board with your feeling that a day without a creative act is a day without sunshine. 

    I love each one of these combinations for you, but tend to agree that #3 is the absolute best on you. Structure, shape, drape, and a mix of feminine elements with a slightly more masculine shirt -- it is a great way for you to do casual. 

    It's really interesting to see your casual style develop more as you stay home. It has always been great, but you have more opportunities to experiment with it, probably, and more need for outfits that can go the distance on a long day. 

  • Kristin SF replied 9 years ago

    Love, love, love #3. You look beautiful in these colors, the colors work beautifully together, and that necklace! Gorgeous.

    The whole shebang is super flattering, modern classic, and very you. And a supremely pulled-together MOTG look, to boot.

    I would have thought this color on bottom would be tough to wear, but the jeans are slimming! Great buy!

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 9 years ago

    My vote is for #3 as well.  Absolutely fantastic look for you. 

  • thimblelina replied 9 years ago

    Yes my immediate reaction was 3!!! But you always look great...

  • DonnaF replied 9 years ago

    My vote, too, is for #3.  Somehow, #1 felt a bit ordinary to me, so not really YOU.  I guess that means that #2 is in-between!

  • Nebraskim replied 9 years ago

    I love the fuschia top with those pants. A super fresh and unexpected color combination. Choice three is also really nice. You can't miss with any of these, though.

  • Elly replied 9 years ago

    I like 3 too-- classic with lots of jazzy elements, esp. with the bold pants--- it reads as very classy to me, which is how I picture you. 

  • Carole replied 9 years ago

    LOVE 3. Classy, flattering and love the colors together and the perfect necklace to top it all off! Good job!

  • viva replied 9 years ago

    I love #3 because it feels the best proportioned but also because when I saw it I immediately felt, yes, that is Day Vies! I think of you as tailored-but-sassy, which is maybe another way of saying classic-with-a-twist. #3 embodies that spirit (said both ways) completely.

  • Angie_T replied 9 years ago

    Another vote for #3. I agree with Viva - tailored but spirited. You own that look.

  • Karie replied 9 years ago

    #1 and #2 both look good, but #3 takes it to the next level. That color top is striking on you. I like the structure of the top and the added interest of the necklace.

  • Dee replied 9 years ago

    I vote for Number 3 also.  The others are good, but #3 really hits all the points for me.

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    #3 is just right in every way but I have like #1 also - the bold black and white and the pointy flats give a different more arty (not artsy!) vibe.

  • Day Vies replied 9 years ago

    I actually like all of these iterations. I had been stumped before this little exercise at what to do with these jeans. I thought maybe they were a bit too juvenile initially. I ended up wearing #3 today (surprise surprise). You all know me so well.

    Suz - "a day without a creative act is a day without sunshine". Truer words have never been spoken. You're right I have plenty of time now to develop my casual style; it's been in arrested development for most of the past year. I'm interested to see where I end up style wise and how motherhood will influence my self expression.

    Kristin SF - These jeans are Old Navy Rockstars. I can honestly say had I not bought them sight unseen I would never have bought them. I think the color is tough to wear in the sense that this color in isolation is crayon mint-green and I was stumped for a long time on what colors would work. 

    DonnaF - Ordinary is exactly what I felt about #1. I like the color combination. I am pleased with this combination mainly because I bought that blouse quite some time ago. I thought the faux neckerchief was cute until I realized the proportions don't work with a lot of my clothes. I am so happy to have something to wear with this blouse that doesn't make me look like I'll be 80 on my next birthday.

    Nebraskim - I thought this color combination was interesting too. It had this "everyday fancy" feel that I like -- playful.

    Viva - I thought the same thing once I started looking at the pictures. Funny I did not feel that way when I was looking in the mirror and putting these outfits together.

    Shevia- I think you're right there is an arty element to #1. I feel like it would look less "safe" or "ordinary" if I found a focal point accessory to go with it. I'm thinking clutch. We'll see I'll continue playing around with #1. 

  • Deb replied 9 years ago

    Number 3 looks sensational on you, closely followed by number 1. I love these pants.....I'd wear them myself!! You look so looks motherhood is treating you very well.

  • Caro replied 9 years ago

    I love #1 and #3, but would eminate #2. I think its because the colours are just too much together. But that colour of jeans is best with neutrals like black and white like you did, and even the blue shirt looks denim which is also kind of neutral in its own way... Cute jeans!

  • Lynne replied 9 years ago

    I love love love #3!  I think it's because, as you say, the shirt gives structure which contrasts nicely with the fitted jeans.  the other think I love is that the necklace and collar work together to really frame your face - it brings the attention of the whole outfit to your face, which I think is very flattering. 

  • Lynne replied 9 years ago

    I love love love #3!  I think it's because, as you say, the shirt gives structure which contrasts nicely with the fitted jeans.  The other thing I love about it is that the necklace and shirt collar work together to really frame your face - it brings the attention of the whole outfit to your face, which I think is very flattering. 

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