Midi skirt gingham and pearls

So this morning was a complete whirlwind of activity (interviews). I decided to remix a few of my old pieces: a denim midi, a gingham shirt, and tank. I think the addition of the pearls elevate the look so that I don't look like an off-duty cowgirl. I really love the results. 

I have been getting reacquainted with the midi skirt post-YLF. I have always had a few in my wardrobe  but I have been spending lots of time looking over the proportions. I don't want to look like a throw-back. Let me know what you think and what ideas you have for styling midi skirts.

BTW -- I finally figured out how to work the camera in conjunction with the tripod, so the image quality of my photos will be much better. I heart self-timers.

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  • jayne replied 10 years ago

    I love the peach color on you.  Very cute outfit.  with a touch of sophistication

  • Adelfa replied 10 years ago

    Oh I love this. Live how your nude shoes extend your leg line, how your skirt fits around your hips, and how the tank picks up the white in the gingham! Lovely!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    The shape and length of that skirt is fabulous on you DV. 

  • catgirl replied 10 years ago

    This is so sassy! What kind of interviews?

  • lyn* replied 10 years ago

    :3 So pretty! I agree w/ the pearls being less cowgirl-ish!

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous midi, and just in time for Angie's blog post on fluid midis! 

  • Lisa replied 10 years ago

    The pearls do a nice job of de-westernizing this look.  I really like this peachy color on you.  And great length of skirt here.

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    Alaskagirl - They weren't the kind of interviews that make me excited. I don't have my bar results yet so it was just signing up with temp agencies to make sure I'm "suitable" to send out to a client. 

    Lyn -- if it wasn't for the gingham and pearls idea that got stuck in my head this weekend, I do not doubt that I would not have pulled these pieces together. 

    Adelfa- I think this skirt qualifies as a trumpet. it definitely hugs the hip area and starts to flare out below the hips. I didn't realize that until I put it on today. It looks a-line just spread out on the bed. 

    Suz - I am really trying to figure out midis and my body. Not only do I have skirts but I realized I also have a fair number of midi dresses. 

  • hedgiehog replied 10 years ago

    Congratulations on you technology breakthrough. :-) I can't wear midi skirts so I'm afraid I don't have much advice there. I know you've said before that you aren't really tall but I think midis look good on you because your legs look long.
    The pearls and bright top are a winner IMO.

  • Raisin replied 10 years ago

    Nice DV!  It does have a bit of a throw back vibe, which I know you don't want, but the important thing is it looks modern at the same time.  

  • Angie replied 10 years ago


    You gorgeous creature. So fresh and pretty as always.

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous! The colors in the gingham top just glow on you! Or you glow in it. Good luck with the interviews!

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    Day, you look beautiful. I love the length of the skirt on you.

  • Sveta replied 10 years ago

    You are so pretty, DV! I like the combination of dressy and casual in this outfit and this pink color makes you radiant!

  • deb replied 10 years ago

    Love this skirt! I really like the proportions.

  • Nadya replied 10 years ago

    LOVE the pearls with gingham - so fun. You look fab.

  • Jeanie replied 10 years ago

    I think I just bought that skirt on ebay!  I thought it was just a good classic a-line denim skirt but you are right...it is more like a trumpet.  Looks good on you.  I think I may need to get mine shortened.

  • MsMary replied 10 years ago

    Angie took the words right out of my mouth:  So fresh and pretty!  :)

  • Kiwichik replied 10 years ago

    Definitely no hint of cowgirl in evidence. Love the gored skirt and the high waist created by the knotted skirt. You look lovely.

  • Asingh replied 10 years ago

    I love midies as well! So easy to wear. In fact I'm wearing one today.

  • replied 10 years ago

    Fabulous. Love the fresh pink and whites and the pearls are perfect with it.

  • rute replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous! You are so stylish!

  • Lantana replied 10 years ago

    Gingham and pearls -it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it.
    You look absolutely scrumptious.
    The skirt is very nicely made and sits perfectly on you.

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    So I guess this outfit is a do! Oh I'm so glad this outfit got the YLF seal of approval and a "killer" from Angie. I'll be wearing this again and playing around with the silhouette.

  • Nebraskim replied 10 years ago

    I have an almost identical gored skirt like this from LLBean. And yes, it does look like an A-line but wears like a trumpet skirt. I love how you wear it here. Very fresh.

  • Vickie KY replied 10 years ago

    Very pretty. I love pearls and have so many but am not always sure how to wear them. You did great.

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