What a weekend!

So Friday the 15th was the 17th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I received calls from my family and had a lovely dinner with DH. All was going well until noon on Sunday a few hours before a St. Patrick's Day party and I look in the mirror and my jawline is completely deformed by my swollen salivary glands! I thought it was congestion in my ears I tried decongestants, hot tea, hot compresses ...everything to no avail. I was also bone tired and slept for 16 hours on Sunday. I had to miss the party :-( Just for the record I had a lovely outfit all pulled together. Well, I'll have to save it for another time.

The swelling is now gone -- I visited the doctor yesterday who informed me that it could have been a mild case of the mumps which was weakened due to my previous vaccination. I thought vaccination meant immune??? It was either that or an allergy -- I'll have to wait for the results of my tests before I know for sure.

 Any hoo today's outfit was designed around the need to be warm. It was a gorgeously beautiful sunny day here but it was well below freezing this morning. Red makes me feel healthy and energetic. I love fire-engine red with ice blue such a nice juxtaposition. I just want spring-like temps.... I'll even take mid-forties!
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  • kellygirl replied 10 years ago
    Belated birthday wishes! Sorry to hear about the mumps :( You look back to your normal gorgeous self. Love the red on you too. I love how you paired with the pastel blouse--so much more interesting that white. Yellow belt is brilliant too :)
  • Mochi replied 10 years ago
    Glad you're feeling better. That's a really sweet outfit. Clean and refreshing. It's one of those things that most people could have the components for, but once we see you do it, it's very aspirational because it's just perfectly balanced. Good job. 
  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago
    You know, I have just come to the realization that when someone has great classic style and executes said style well, the effect is one of commanding respect.  There's a vibe of "this person (male or female) has good judgement."  It is a powerful thing I think.

    Now how's that for a change from, "you look terrific!"  (Which you do.)
  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago
    PS -- I am turning 55 next month, I am going to use that "17th anniversary of turning 21!"
  • Thistle replied 10 years ago
    I am so sorry you were sick. I hope you are feeling better, and I am with you. I thought vaccine meant immune!  Makes me really think about all the vaccines I got before going abroad.

    you look terrific. I love that color red on you. So bright and cheery! 

    It is so bitter cold here.  It was -5F with windchill today, so I am with you in ready to settle for the forties!
  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago
    Well don't you look gorgeous for your 21st birthday! Happy belated birthday :)

    This outfit looks warm but still has a hint of spring with it's bright and cheery colour combination. And CocoLion is totally on to something here - your classic style combined with items that fit perfectly absolutely exude confidence and thereby demands respect. You always look like you know what you're doing. Love it.
  • Raisin replied 10 years ago
    Glad you had a nice dinner out, and Happy Birthday! I hope you're feeling better.  Well you look as fab as always.  Red is a great color on you!
  • Krista replied 10 years ago
    Looks great, DV!! I'm glad that you're feeling better :)
  • Tina.b replied 10 years ago
    Happy Birthday DV. Here is to another fabulous 21st year!

    i had the mumps in grade three and I remember it in horror. I hope you feel better soon! But any sign of it is not at all in evidence. You are looking like your usual gorgeous self. This is how one should wear red. Perfect with the crisp blouse and dark pants. Classic yet modern!
  • lyn* replied 10 years ago
    Happy 21st Birthday! I love your smashing yellow belt - I really need to get myself some bright belts since we're so stylistically similar - and apparently a red cardigan!

    You look simply fabulous and not very mump-y at all. Thankfully you're not a guy! Phew!
  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago
    Mochi -- you say the sweetest most insightful things!

    Shannon -- I am glad I've sprinkled enough fairy dust on you all to convince you that I know what I'm doing ;-)
  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago
    Yep Lyn -- glad I'm not a guy if indeed it was the mumps but also guys don't get to enjoy brightly colored belts usually.
  • pil replied 10 years ago
    My inarticulate self says "you look terrific" and Happy Birthday!
  • Runcarla replied 10 years ago
    Amazing!  I so look forward to your WIW.  They are so inspirational...and aspirational!

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago
    I am so glad you are feeling better.  You do look wonderful. 
  • Aida replied 10 years ago

    What a Thing, glad to hear you're doing better now! I have complete faith that your outfit for the party was smashing :) You look fab as usual!


    (PS I have to say that you posted a going-out look last week that I couldn't comment on at the time with your hair down, and your hair is AWESOME!).

  • Isabel replied 10 years ago
    First of all, you look fantastic.  

    Second of all ( ? is that a term ? ) I am so sorry to hear that you missed the anniversary of your 21st Bday.  I freakin' LOVE that concept. I am going to use it. 

    I hope that the mumps genetic code isn't changing making the immunizations less effective. Yikes !
    Get better soon.
  • Karie replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated anniversary birthday! You look fabulous as usual. Glad you had a nice dinner out. Hopefully you will continue to feel better, and the test will come back OK. 
    I love the combo of red and ice blue. Fantastic!
  • Jaime replied 10 years ago
    You look fully recovered and ready to go! Great colors on you, great pants too! And Happy Birthday!
  • catgirl replied 10 years ago
    You poor thing!  You look great though.  You've reminded me of a song from childhood called "The Mumps"!
  • Angie replied 10 years ago
    Hope you're feeling better! My goodness, how annoying :(


    I hope you know how much we adore you on YLF. How much we cherish your wisdom, kindness, positive attitude and calming spirit. You enrich this forum not only with your impeccable style - but with your emotionally intelligent persona and poetic way of expressing your thoughts. And your KILLER smile always makes me smile. That's powerful. xoxo
  • Tanya replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated birthday!  I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal and hope you are feeling better.

    I adore that outfit, it is classic yet very modern and so you.  If I saw just the clothes, like an ensemble, I would totally think of you,
  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago
    Glad to see your smile and style intact! 
    I love the look of button down with cardi, even though I rarely wear it myself.  Such a nice balance of crisp / cozy.  The baby blue and red is a great balance of vibrant / calming. 

    You are so balanced (and fab) today!

    Happy Birthday!
  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago
    As I have said before you all make it SO worth it to post. I just love your feedback and encouragement. It's hard to have a crappy day with all of you cheering me on. Thank you!
  • Diana replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated birthday!

    That sucks about the mumps, but I'm glad to hear that it's gone away.  There's certainly no sign of it in your photos - you look gorgeous as always.  You are right about the ice blue/red combo - it looks fantastic!

    I hear you about the weather.  We got 7 inches of snow in Boston today, just in time for the first day of spring tomorrow!?!?

    ETA: I totally sympathize about the horrible feeling of looking in the mirror and realizing "there's something wrong with my face!"  (I've had 3 bouts of Bell's Palsy, which is basically partial facial paralysis, and each time I realized by looking in the mirror and freaking out because my face looked really odd.)
  • Adelfa replied 10 years ago
    Happy birthday!  How alarming, to see your face like that! Glad it's better now. It's fun how choosing an outfit can be a mood and even health lifter!
  • deb replied 10 years ago
    Happy Birthday!!! Love the pop of yellow with the belt and glad you are feeling better.
  • Hil replied 10 years ago
    What a fabulous look! Happy birthday!
  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago
    Sorry for your pains, but anyway you are the most elegant and put together  teenager I've ever seen in my life!:-) Happy Birthday!
  • Debora replied 10 years ago
    I am chucking at your anniversary birthday. I am going to use that phrase, too. A very happy belated birthday to you! Your outfit today is bright and cheerful and I'm glad you are feeling better.
  • replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated 21st (ha!) birthday. How weird was that swollen glands thing? I am glad it was transient. You always look confident and impeccably put together. Tres chic!
  • replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated 21st ( ;)) birthday. I'm sorry about you not feeling well and glad that you're bouncing back now. What a lovely outfit. The red makes you glow, love it!
  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago
    Diana --  There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing someone you didn't expect to meet. I am glad you've triumphed over the your illness each time because you look wonderful in your posts.
  • hedgiehog replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated birthday, DV! Sorry to hear you we're under the weather. Hoping you are feeling better and back to fabulous. 
  • replied 10 years ago
    You look so lovely, I would never guess you'd just been ill!  Red is stunning on beautiful you.

    And happy belated birthday!
  • Carole replied 10 years ago
    Happy belated 21st birthday, again! You look beautiful in red and I love this outfit! So sorry you were under the weather, that sounded kind of scary. Good to know you are feeling better.

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