First law firm interview

I know I've been missing in action, but since my assignment ended last week I have been ridiculously popular with employers (not that I'm complaining!).  So preparing for interviews and getting my elevator pitch together has been my complete focus for the past week.

I realized belatedly that I've rarely had formal interviews in depths of sloppy winter. It's not just cold here (it was bitterly cold last week). It's messy with salt and slush.

So before I get into what I wore I am curious about the forum's take on what to wear to a professional conservative interview when temps are subzero with even colder wind chills. Do you favor warmth over style or do you have a strategy for getting the best of both worlds? I'd love to get your thoughts on combining the best of both worlds.

So I am wearing layers today and they were warm (no long johns needed) . I did not need to worry too much today because it was in the tolerable 20's today which was a major improvement. However it was slushy and sloppy -- so there were tall boots to protect my pant hems that were worn to my destination and promptly left in the car. I'm wearing:

  • Le Suit jacket in black
  • Talbot's button down shirt in white
  • Old Navy cardigan in cerulean
  • Apt. 9 long length trousers in black
  • Nickel's patent heels in black

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WIW to the World of Chocolate

The World of Chocolate is an event benefiting DH's former non-profit. It is as tasty an event as the name suggests. Just imagine a room filled with vendors promoting and competing for best chocolate creation. Some things were sweet, some were savory and everything was delicious.
This outfit was pre-planned. I loved the idea of it but I was a little disappointed that the waist of the skirt tended to ride up and settle right under my bust line which is pretty unflattering because I look as if I have no waist line. Not sure what I can do to prevent that moving forward with this outfit, but this is what it looked like before my skirt started traveling north.
Also the clutch is Asian inspired print in the shape of a fan. It was a gift from my best friend several years ago and it continues to bring me joy. Your feedback is appreciated. Happy weekend!

I am wearing:
Shirt - Talbot's
Skirt - Modcloth
Tights - Simply Vera Wang
Shoes - Madden Girl
Belt - White House Black Market


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New Military Coat

So I took these pictures after work so I have more than my fair share of late-day shine. I picked up this coat from Old I love this coat. I love the weight of the buttons, the pattern they make across the bust, the shape... everything. I got this coat for under $50 (what a STEAL!). Bonus pics of my picture perfect challenge for Jagged Little Pill.


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