The camo skinnies have arrived!

I missed you all while I was vacationing in sunny (cold) Orlando, Florida ;-) 
Apparently I brought the cold with me. Anyhow, I have been trying to figure out how to make camo skinnies a bit more sophisticated -- and I think I found the right balance without losing the camo edge.  I am sure you ladies will tell me how I did. 

The peplum top is a wool blend from Elie Tahari
The camo skinnies are reversible! (Flip Side from Target -- thank you Kkards!)
The jacket is a beautiful espresso leather from Wilson's Leathers 
And the shoes are Isabel Toledo for Payless. 

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WIW to sit on the plane

So believe it or not I am actually sitting at my computer waiting for DH! (He's such a turtle) I decided to make one last post before I leave.
I thought this top was a great find at Sears. The knit jersey is quite smooth and really soft to the touch very high quality and I paired it with my new oxfords and added  a scarf for the subzero temps on the plane (pattern mix!)  Have a great week!

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WIW to run errands

So I board the plane tomorrow on my way to Orlando, Florida for a few days of sun and spring like temperatures. There were some last minute things I wanted to pick up and I wore an outfit inspired by the camouflage skinny jeans that I will soon own. Which I did find for a reasonable price. I should have them by the end of the week. Let me know what you think...

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Hot pink wing tips :-)

I enjoyed this outfit today. It was a little feminine a lot tomboy. I love the shoes -- I can't wait to try it with other things (suggestions appreciated).  The happiness factor was pretty high with this outfit. Let me know what you think is the oversized sweater too boxy? 

I haven't worn this tunic in awhile...

So I decided to wear this tunic because I love the colors. Two years ago I was really into teal and charcoal as a color combo crush. I actually bought it because I was wearing a teal blouse that slid all over (it had a beautiful intricate print down the front) but it would not lay correctly (darn satin!). I have since given that lovely blouse to a new owner and this was purchased moments before my evening class. I still love the color but as I have lamented for the past few weeks... I'm still waiting for spring.

What a weekend!

So Friday the 15th was the 17th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I received calls from my family and had a lovely dinner with DH. All was going well until noon on Sunday a few hours before a St. Patrick's Day party and I look in the mirror and my jawline is completely deformed by my swollen salivary glands! I thought it was congestion in my ears I tried decongestants, hot tea, hot compresses ...everything to no avail. I was also bone tired and slept for 16 hours on Sunday. I had to miss the party :-( Just for the record I had a lovely outfit all pulled together. Well, I'll have to save it for another time.

The swelling is now gone -- I visited the doctor yesterday who informed me that it could have been a mild case of the mumps which was weakened due to my previous vaccination. I thought vaccination meant immune??? It was either that or an allergy -- I'll have to wait for the results of my tests before I know for sure.

 Any hoo today's outfit was designed around the need to be warm. It was a gorgeously beautiful sunny day here but it was well below freezing this morning. Red makes me feel healthy and energetic. I love fire-engine red with ice blue such a nice juxtaposition. I just want spring-like temps.... I'll even take mid-forties!

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How I styled my shiny new oxford flats

Well -- I admitted last night that I was a card-carrying member of team wear. I got my new shoes in the mail and promptly solicited YLF for styling advice. This is what I came up with after all the great suggestions. (THANK YOU!) I was pretty happy with this outfit. I just wish I had some cropped trousers (note to self) because the slouchy hem was not quite what I was looking for but I'm satisfied with this first attempt.

Constructive feedback is always welcomed.


Dressing down a red suit jacket

Today I decided to revive a great formula -- khaki's, striped tee and a jacket. This particular jacket is part of a suit (Tahari). I just liked how this outfit came off casual and polished. It was also a bit of a surprise that I'm wearing red white and blue but I don't look like a cliche.

Suggestions for other color combinations are appreciation.


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Styling ideas needed for these shoes!

Yep, I'm on team wear. I just opened the box that came in the mail today and in it were my NEW oxfords. I love the color and shine (color and shine are my stock in trade). So I need help trying to figure out how to work this into an outfit for a fairly conservative law office tomorrow. Any ideas???


Basic black (with a little purple and gold thrown in)

Today was a great day and I am so glad I was dressed for it ;-) It sucks when you run into someone really impressive and you look completely unimpressive (I am so very glad that today was not that day).

I kept it simple this morning so getting dressed was a breeze. It's still cold here but on the bright side we have a whole extra hour of daylight so it's not dark by the time I get home. It's hard to feel like you have "the rest of the evening" ahead when it seem like you should be preparing for bed.

I think with the exception of the shoes (Land's End) and the belt (Ann Taylor) this entire outfit is from Kohl's go figure.


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