Hair on the loose and a care free Turkey Day!

So this is what I wore when DH and I went out for Thanksgiving dinner. No crazy family tension, or dishes to do just upside :-D 

Today was a good hair day! I needed something to go with my red black and white outfit. As you know this season I have been in love with berry tones (including red). Tonight was no exception. I decided to let the jacket be the star and added in supporting accents (hair, tights, necklace, red shoes). This outfit was inspired by this one. I am wearing the same long sleeved tee shirt and skirt. I kind of like these pieces as a foundation to build upon. I realized it has become a kind of uniform. I am wearing:

Old Navy long sleeve black tee 
Banana Republic black stretch twill pencil skirt
Black House White Market red velvet jacket 
Simply Vera Wang lace tights 
Madden Girl dark red pumps


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Coral and Navy

This appealed to my classic side. Happy day-before-turkey-day!
I'm wearing:

Old navy sweater in coral
Banana Republic Martin fit trousers in navy
Lands End button down shirt in cream
Lands End penny loafers in cordovan


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Date Night with frosty temps

Last night DH and I went to see a comedian in concert. Of course it was a fun hilarious time. This is what I wore including my Lands End in Squall coat to protect against the windchill.  I was definitely warm stylish and comfy:

  • Old Navy Flannel Shirt
  • Old Navy Long Sleeve tee 
  • Aqua bubble necklace 
  • Old Navy boot cut jeans and green skinny belt
  • Miz Mooz Stacy tall boot in whiskey.
My outfit was inspired by an amalgam of all the pins I made fore fall. I can't say any one was the exact inspiration.

 I had a funny flashback to the early 80's as I stood in the mirror. All I needed was a wind-resistant crease down the front of my straight leg jeans and lots of ruffles down the front and of my plaid blouse -- this is very similar to an outfit I wore then!

Happy Sunday. Thanks for looking. 


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Emerald and Cobalt

I was running late again yesterday morning and snapped this photo in the ladies room at work. I was inspired by a catalogue -- of course it was advertising the holiday line. I've always loved green and blue together. Cobalt and emerald are simply intensified versions of that combination. I really want either a blackwatch plaid jacket or pants, but this combination fed the immediate need nicely. I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday. 

I guess I should mention what I am wearing: 

  • BR jewel tipped cardigan in emerald 
  • August Silk cobalt turtleneck
  • Talbot's velvet navy trousers 
  • Franco Sarto black booties

Pinterest adaptation

I am not sure I followed all of Angie's steps because my process happened the evening before I read the post. Any how, this is the inspiration picture. I definitely think I distilled, adapted and substituted. I had been trying to figure out how to layer this sweater so that it would be warm enough. I am not sure if you will be able to tell that the sweater is pink not white. (A most lovely shade of the palest pink). I snapped this in the bathroom because I was running late yesterday morning. Now I see why so many ladies take bathroom snap shots! The lighting is good and there's a full-length mirror ;-) Happy Friday and thanks for looking.


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Textural interest and what's in your holiday capsule?

Yesterday when I wore this I was more concerned about being warm than looking fashionable. I don't feel this outfit was all that inspired. DH seemed to like it. I did like the play on textures (velvet pants, lace blouse and printed lace sweater) which makes it seem a little festive. Festive with a capital "F" would have included a lot more shine.  All of these pieces are in what I would consider my holiday capsule. I have been meaning to put one together.  Maybe I can get a few ideas from you ladies who already have a mental rolodex of your holiday mix and match pieces? So what is in your holiday capsule?


Mint and Navy

I am in the midst of studying for my very last final exam which is the week after Thanksgiving. As I result, I look a little sleepy. :-) I wore this outfit yesterday working with Angie's flowy top and bootcut trouser formula. I was definitely comfortable and felt quite stylish. When I got a little chilly I looped a light gray scarf around my neck.
Happy Wednesday - thanks for looking!


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Glad it's Friday

Wow this week has truly been an obstacle course. I have not been very present on the forum as a result. Today's outfit was chosen 2 days ago. I like the simplicity. The sweater is doing all the work. As a result I was reminded of Angie's post yesterday on outfit simplicity and clean lines. I am a little irritated because the turtleneck and the khakis are navy blue but they look gray in these pictures. Anyway, I'm rambling. Tell me what you think. 


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WIW while networking

I have been in love with red this week. (Hi Ornella!). I put this outfit together to meet colleague for lunch and attend not one but 2 events before heading to class and yes, I did put in an 8 hour work day that started at 7am. (whew!)

So I am wearing my navy Jones New York suit with a red crew neck cardigan and cream button-down shirt. I am also wearing red patent Madden Girl shoes-- not sure you can tell. So what do you think?


Inspired by Ornella

I love this color scheme from picture #1 of Ornella's post. I tried my best to copy it but I still like hers better. This coral sweater is the twin of the tan one I wanted to wear and is one of the only things I have left with an actual Marshall Field's tag in it. So not only will the fit keep me in the sweater for a good long time (since 2005) but so will the feel and the quality. The skirt is a high waist stretch wool from BR. Tell me what you think.