WIW to a fall wedding

I saw the color of this tunic dress first. It is a beautiful shade of sunset orange. This is a twin to the black and white tunic I wore earlier this week. 

Originally I was thinking I would pair this dress with turquoise accessories as well but I did not think that was elegant enough for a wedding so I went with pearls which are also high contrast color with the orange. I finished off the look with silver metallic heels and bracelets. What color(s) would you pair with this shade of orange?


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Tunic + Skinnies = Happiness

I was browsing in Target when I found this dress. I happened to try it on while wearing red skinny jeans and really liked the silhouette. I also happened to be wearing a tunic that day as well but not as long as this one. Needless to say this is my new favorite outfit formula.

Happy Thursday!

Bonus pic of DD who has been taking up a lot of my playing in the closet time. 


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Burgundy jacket happiness

Today I volunteered with my local bar association completing basic estate planning documents for civil servants. I felt that smart casual was the perfect level of dress given that I was one of the professionals preparing documents today.
Slightly off topic I must say I am shocked at how popular burgundy is this year especially since I was in love with berry tones LAST fall. I'm just glad I have plenty of dark red in my wardrobe already. My new color combo crush is navy with lavender.
Back to today's outfit -- I am a little disappointed because the picture is slightly out of focus but I love the mix of colors patterns and textures in this outfit. I will be wearing this again.

I'm wearing:
Burgundy faux leather jacket
Old Navy long sleeved white tee
Apt. 9 cheetah scarf
BR flocked skinny jeans
Vera Wang silver python ballet flats.


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Perfecting my MOTG look

This is what I wore today to run a few errands. My signature super long pants (trouser jeans in this case) are featured along with my trench jacket and watercolor tee. The colors are muted but there's enough high contrast in the tee for this combination to make me feel like my old self. I can't say this will be my go-to MOTG uniform just yet but this is pretty close.

I'm wearing:
Light olive trench jacket - BR
Watercolor tee - Simply Vera Wang
Trouser Jeans - Old Navy

Happy Monday -- thanks for looking. I think I need a nap now ;-).


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What's your favorite color combination?

I am finding that my favorite outfits (for casual wear) tend to have both blue and yellow in them. I am also counting variants of yellow and blue like mustard and teal. I figured it out when I pulled this outfit together for running errands the other day. It made me realize that when my clothing options became severely limited (third trimester) my favorite outfits more often than not included shades of blue and yellow.

I'm wearing:
Printed citron and white tunic - Old Navy
Wide leg jeans - Old Navy
White tank - Old navy
Pewter sandals - Target

Any one else have a favorite color combo? 

P.S.  - I had to laugh at myself about the sunglasses on my head. So happy was I to have a few minutes to start a post I completely forgot that my sunglasses were there.


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Chambray + Floral

This look was inspired by this pin. I think it's more than a little bit of a contradiction that I love nostalgic florals and full skirts but like them contrasted with clean lines and crisp tailoring. It's a little hard to pull off for me right now given my desperate need to shop for new underpinnings (bras, shapewear etc.) and my lack of will/energy to do it ;-). So my crisp isn't as crisp as I would like it to be but I still think there's enough of a contrast in this outfit.

Happy Thursday and thanks for looking.


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