Shopping my closet with the help of a tailor!

This post will serve as my PSA for finding and using a good tailor if you do not sew yourself. I took 10 pieces to the tailor last Saturday and as promised I have taken pictures and styled them (not as best as I could but as fast as I could). I did not take the time to press them out correctly so you’ll have to excuse the wrinkles and my mid-day shine ;-) Here’s the list of things that were altered.

• Art Deco Dorothy Perkins Dress: I had the bodice raised and the hips taken in
• Kasper skirt suit in deep red: Jacket – armholes and sleeves shortened. Skirt - taken in at the hips. ( I have never worn this suit before I bought it because I loved the color and it fit at the bust)
• Tahari pantsuit in pewter: Jacket – armholes and sleeves shortened. Pant - taken in at the hips.
• Blue skirt from Kasper suit – again the hips were taken in.
• BR Navy all season wool trousers (Paired with tweed jacket) – I had the hem repaired and lengthened on these
• Chocolate Rena Rowan linen trousers – I had these taken in at the hips and tapered
• Gray-Green BR trench jacket – I had a rip under the arm repaired – it’s wrinkly but I hope you can see why this jacket was loved to pieces -- literally ☺
• Black side-zip trousers – I had these tapered. I chose NOT to lengthen them even though they are scaled for a petite (I bought the suit for the jacket, not the pants). The lovely ruffled scarf around my neck was courtesy of Adelfa. These are our happy colors and boy am I happy in this suit. I finally get to wear the whole thing together because the trousers fit! I’ll definitely be wearing this ensemble this week.

Tell me what you think (be honest)!


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