Art Deco Elements

Here's another one of my favorite dresses. It's the print that does it for me. I decided to pair it with these gladiator sandals because the strong lines seem to echo the linear design of the dress. Happy Labor Day Weekend!


B/w Midi Skirt + Green Cardi

I revived this outfit to take DD to the doctor. I forgot to add a belt but I don't think it takes anything away from the outfit (though I think it looks slightly better with a belt). Any way, I thought the sandals paired nicely with this skirt because it mimics the graphic pattern. I also happen to love a black and white pattern paired with green. What colors do you love to see with a black and white pattern?


WIW first time out post-partum (long & pic heavy)

So here is what my pregnant shape shifting body taught me
over the past 10 months:

  • Proportion is the most important factor in dressing a body that changes weekly
  • Color and or pattern are very important elements in translating my signature style across different proportions
  • Colorful/dramatic accessories (scarves, shoes, totes, and handbags) help add my signature touches to outfits that are otherwise basic or boring.
  • I don’t necessarily need as much in the way of jewelry/sparkle as I thought I needed to feel like myself.

I have included today’s outfit along with my favorite outfits spanning the 9 months of my pregnancy.

Today (pic #1) I am wearing my favorite tunic. It is a Dana Buchman piece I picked up 4 summers ago from Kohl’s paired with capri length leggings and pewter Merona sandals from Target.  I love graphic black and white sunflower print. I am not sure if you can see it but there is cobalt blue trim on the tunic as well. I adore the proportions of this outfit. I have a no-effort defined waist because of the tunic’s excellent cut.

Pic #2  - November – This outfit was worn a mere week after I discovered I was expecting DD. The snazzy jacket and tights with the column of black formula was a favorite for me last fall. This skirt worked well for me through month 4. I was able to pull the cinched waist up as my belly expanded but after a certain point, you run out of length and the skirt looks too short.

Pic #3 – December – I love this outfit – it is definitely special occasion/holiday outfit. It is the essence of my style – high-contrast, defined waist, classic, crisp and fun (a swishy skirt is ALWAYS fun to wear). I had not begun to expand at this point, but I will be more than pleased to wear this outfit combination again this fall.

Pic #4 – January – I think you all have seen me in this sweater/shirt/color combo in many variations. I have to confess that as my bustline continued to expand I used this (my favorite cardi) to “hide” the pulling across my bustline apparent with just the button down alone. The great fit of the sweater (which expanded with me – up to a point) covered all of those sins up ;-) 

Pic #5 – February – I just love this outfit. This is a navy waterfall cardi tied like a wrap top layered over a white tee and deep teal skinny cords. I loved the addition of the cheetah scarf which picks up on the tan color in the boots. Yep no maternity clothes here but I had to accommodate my growing bustline, which would not fit in my woven tops by February. I will definitely be wearing this again once fall settles in.

Pic #6 – March – this outfit is just comfy. I was not in any maternity clothes at all. My pants were secured in place with a ponytail holder and a belly band. These are my Levi’s and I love wearing them rolled at the ankle. I also like wearing them with this soft gray blouse I picked up from Sears 2 years ago. I think this was my favorite outfit from early spring. I had to lose the Calvin Klein oxfords when April came around because I could no longer bend comfortably to tie the laces.

Pic #7 – April – The only maternity gear I’m wearing in this picture is the jeans which are from LOFT. This is where I realized that my cardigan sweaters in general (but not always) needed to be in proportion to my growing belly so that I would not end up with a cropped look which would throw off the proportions. I also realized that lavender could work as a neutral with my skintone.

Pic #8 – May  - This violet ponte knit dress from BR was a life saver during this pregnancy. Pairing it with gray helped make the color work in professional settings. The violet color was prominently featured but did not overtake the entire outfit. White and silver accessories provide a modern polished feel to the outfit. None of the pieces are maternity so I’ll definitely wear this one again and probably not looking very different than I do here.

Pic #9 - June  - I loved how this pink black and white outfit combined lace and stripes to create a casual ladylike outfit. It’s only heightened with the high bun on top of my head. What really helps this outfit work is the length of the BF sweater and the length of the striped top. None of these pieces are maternity – so you’ll see this outfit again before the weather looking slightly different on
my deflated belly. I liked this outfit so much that I wore it to my babyshower.

Pic #10 – July  - green and blue was always a theme. I love the pattern on this top. I have had it for the past 5 years. It is a maternity top but I bought it well
before I ever became pregnant. I loved both the print and the fit.  The BF jeans are maternity as well. It seems as if most maternity things fit best at least on my body during the very last 4 weeks because that’s when my baby bump was large enough to fill out the clothing as intended. A little backstory on this pic, it was taken on 7/31/14 on our way to the hospital to meet DD, who arrived the very next day.

If you’re still reading at this point, let me know what you think of today’s look. I still have a bit of a belly but for the most part I am back to my pre-baby weight. (I only gained 19 pounds! YAY!)


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Introducing DD

The newest member of the Day Vies family arrived on the very first day of August 2014. This little one came straight from fairyland and has sprinkled stardust all over DH and me leaving us utterly enchanted.

We were shocked when the doctors informed us that her eyes were blue. I remember thinking that this is a very inappropriate time for jokes. (I'm trying to verify that my child and all of her limbs and digits. I also want to know that they are working properly!) However most doctors don't tell jokes and this one, though pleasant, wasn't joking. (Blue eyes. WOW. How did that happen???) They have darkened to a deep gray blue -- like a stormy sea and are fascinating to watch (when they're open). We don't know what color her eyes will be, but definitely not our mere-mortal shade of dark brown.

Thank you YLF for all of your well-wishes and positive energy -- it worked! I now have a beautiful daughter!