I feel like myself!

I think maybe I've got the proportions right finally -- so regardless of what my tummy is doing from week to week I can get dressed without trying to reinvent the wheel.
#1 Skinny jeans just don't do it for me. They're nice but as the weather warms up this silhouette isn't going to be my most flattering
#2 I need tops that stop right about my crotch or slightly below fitted is better (snug would be a disaster ;-))
#3 Bootcut, boyfriend or wide leg jeans & trousers work best (pregnant or not). I am so glad I ordered a new pair of jeans from LOFT I believe it was K.Period. (Thank you!!!) who told me they offer maternity clothes. I had been putting off getting jeans because I was afraid the inseams would be too short and the hips would be cut far too wide. The 33" inseam is perfect and that is exactly what LOFT offers. I am in heaven. I'm wearing:

  • ON cami in lavender
  • ON cardi with gray cheetah print 
  • LOFT maternity jeans 
  • Vera Wang Lavender Ballet flats

How do you like my new boot cuts?


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Navy fuchsia and lace

Now that the snow is gone (for now ;-)) I can wear some of the outfits I put together on Monday. I was thinking of spring flowers when I put this outfit together. I'm wearing:

  • dark navy skinny jeans
  • Elle black and cream striped tee with lace
  • ON fuchsia cardigan
  • Vera Wang Ballet flats
Thank you Krista for introducing me to design-seeds I would never have dreamed this outfit up without that inspiration!


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Favorite Dress Remixed

This is my favorite dress. It's Old Navy and I've had it for the past 3 or 4 years. The last time I wore it and posted on the forum I revealed that I rarely wore the dress in any different way. I took some of your suggestions and came up with this. I am really happy this dress still fits (because I bought it so HUGE!). I think I will be able to wear it right up until delivery. The saving grace is this dress is fit and flare and lends itself to being cinched at the waist with a belt.

In #1 & #2 I'm wearing:

  • ON butterfly printed dress
  • ON denim jacket
  • Mossimo woven belt 
  • Vintage yellow and white striped scarf
  • Vera Wang snake embossed ballet flats
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction orange tote

Pic #3 is my normal way of wearing this dress - your thoughts and suggestions?


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Mostly Neutral for Early Spring

I love a black white gray and cognac color combo. For someone who adores color it is surprising that I love this near absence of color. Maybe because the neutrals allow the orange tones to really stand out.

So it's not quite low 60's and it will probably get cooler once the sun goes down  so I have 2 alternatives for today. Currently it's about 55 degrees so it's probably going to be warm in the car -- no need for a coat, but it's cool so I'm wearing a wool sweater. As for now I am leaving to run errands as soon as I post so ballet flats will rule for now. However the boots are a nice backup for the evening when the temps will drop. I was playing around in my closet yesterday (the effort was tiring so I did not make it out as I had intended -- growing a baby is hard work ;-)!)

(No maternity clothes in sight!) I'm wearing:

  • BR wool open front cardi
  • ON scoop neck stretch tee in black
  • ON black and cream tribal print midi skirt
  • 7 Hills braided leather belt
  • Vera Wang silver snake print embossed ballet flat 
  • Miz Mooz cognac boot 
  • Kenneth Cole reaction orange tote

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I just couldn't stay away

Perhaps it was my utter boredom with my skinny jeans combined with the gloomy weather today -- Friday of all days. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and did not feel motivated to leave the house. I knew I had to change things up, so I unearthed my floor skimming trousers jeans which aren't nearly as stretchy as my skinny jeans. I missed the long line they created because I'd given up on them in February when I could no longer zip or button them. However, thanks to a hair band and a belly band my pants are securely in place and I've got my signature look back. (YAY!)

I thought it might be nice to try an outfit with secondary colors. Especially since it's so cool out and doesn't look or feel like spring. The colors are more fall but they are compelling -- which is always the goal. I'm wearing and entire Old Navy outfit albeit from different years.

  • ON dark wash trouser jeans (non-maternity)
  • ON indigo knit jersey turtle neck 
  • ON olive green shawl collar cardi
  • Miz Mooz tall cognac boots 
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction orange tote 
Let me know what you think!


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