Introducing DD

The newest member of the Day Vies family arrived on the very first day of August 2014. This little one came straight from fairyland and has sprinkled stardust all over DH and me leaving us utterly enchanted.

We were shocked when the doctors informed us that her eyes were blue. I remember thinking that this is a very inappropriate time for jokes. (I'm trying to verify that my child and all of her limbs and digits. I also want to know that they are working properly!) However most doctors don't tell jokes and this one, though pleasant, wasn't joking. (Blue eyes. WOW. How did that happen???) They have darkened to a deep gray blue -- like a stormy sea and are fascinating to watch (when they're open). We don't know what color her eyes will be, but definitely not our mere-mortal shade of dark brown.

Thank you YLF for all of your well-wishes and positive energy -- it worked! I now have a beautiful daughter!