Outfit Formula: Jacket, Turtleneck & Trousers

My saving grace this first week back to work was sitting down the week before and planning outfits for the following two weeks. This has its pros and cons.

Pro - I don't have to think about what to wear in the mornings or the night before. Even if I do not wear the outfit exactly as planned, I don't have to start from scratch if one of the pieces is off proportionally.

Con- by not trying these outfits on before I decide to wear them, the proportions may be off. It is true that recycle old outfits based on my posts and tweak them here and there if needed. However, I changed one element of my Wednesday outfit and it threw everything off. I'd gotten my new favorite shirt in the mail and being on Team Wear I wanted to wear the shirt immediately. I figured I could work it in to my blue on blue trouser jacket combination. It didn't work at all. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear instead since the top I'd originally planned was not warm enough for the frigid temperatures that day. Picture #3 is the result.

I regret that I could not capture all of the outfits I wore this week. When I finally figured out how to wear my new shirt (Thursday and not picutured) it was such an active LONG day that I never got the chance to snap a photo. I am still playing around with location and angles too in my new place so these pics are not the best -- so I apologize.

I noticed a theme when I looked at my outfits this week, hence the title of this post. It was cold, but I felt warm, crisp, and confident. Also in #1 I took that picture at the end of the day (I don't usually like that because everything is all creased by then). Those trousers are a lovely winter-weight wool in a rich black color. I got them from Talbot's, but I am upset because the picture makes them appear as if they're too short since I am leaning forward ever so slightly. Oh well!
Pic #1 Monday
Pic #2 Tuesday
Pic#3 Wednesday


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It's a Celebration!

This is what I wore to a celebratory brunch with DH and DD. We were celebrating my first attorney position (Yay!) I have been MIA this week because I have been finalizing daycare for DD (I start tomorrow!) and preparing to spend a lot less time at home so I have not had time to post this week. I love the fact that this position will fit into my life rather than me having to fit my life into it. Also my daycare is 3 parking lots over from my office (how convenient is that???) So DD and I will be going off to work together. Also, because I will be working full time my outfits posts will be regular from here on out.

Today's outfit is almost all from Old Navy. The boots are Rockport. I fell in love with this high-waist pencil skirt last fall admittedly because it's blue and green (a favorite color combo). I paired it with an indigo turtleneck rather than navy one because I felt that a more vibrant shade of blue would bring out the green in the skirt and contrast nicely with the boots. I'm also wearing a statement necklace but it's obscured a bit by the camera angle. I thought the denim jacket was a nice touch because the organic texture would contrast nicely with the graphic print in the skirt and complement the boots. I wanted to up the casual factor of this skirt but still keep it polished. Have I succeeded?

Additional styling suggestions are appreciated.


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