Versatility and my new favorite sweater

Today's outfit was inspired by this pin. I have used this pin to spawn many similar outfits but this is the closets I've come to a copy cat.

I thought of this combination because I wanted to feature my new sweater -- a Talbot's piece I picked up on Sunday. The sweater is mixed media and features woven material paired with a thick jersey material (sweatshirt). It's open front and has a wonderful cut and drape (...reminds me of something Deborah might wear). I love it because it is both structured and fluid, casual and polished, cozy yet stylish. When I saw it I knew it had to come home with me because of its built-in versatility.

Do any of you have a piece you feel is as versatile? If so what is it? Also can something be versatile because you like wearing it and as a result you work it into as many outfits as you can get away with?


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Reinterpreting an old favorite

So, I really wanted to wear something in the vein of picture #2. I really loved the colors and the balance of pattern and color blocking. I couldn't just wear the same thing simply because I did not want to wear a skirt and tights today. I thought I would challenge myself to come up with something that felt similar but was different. #1 is the result. What do you think?


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Green jeans 3 ways

So... I should really find something to clean or pack, but I'm one of those people who needs to do something creative daily to feel alive. DD doesn't like getting dressed, so fun-filled afternoons playing dressup with her will have to wait until she can fully appreciate what she's missing ;-).

The subject of this post -- my green jeans -- were not exactly what I expected. I ordered them online probably 2 years ago and thought they would be a paler hue of mint than they are. I also did not think I would be able to work with the white all over polka dot. Something in me responds to both the color and the polka dots on these jeans. Inspiration struck when I imagined them paired with a simple black top and statement accessories. I had a brief crush last year on green gold and black combinations. Once I got started, I came up with SEVERAL combinations for these jeans. I've limited myself to 3 combinations. I am in the process of moving after all and procrastination can only take up so much time ;-)

I am realizing my style is a base of modern classic with an added layer of retro. That is the only way I can explain the pieces I own, silhouettes I create, color combinations and accessories that excite me.

I felt most myself in #3 because the chambray tunic provides structure and the statement necklace provides drama and color.  Number 1 is a close second but I felt like this was a safe choice as if this were still me but more restrained (maybe because green is the only non-neutral). I feel like number 2 is definitely me but moving my personal style forward. It's a bold statement with color and accessories. The peplum hem on the top and fantastically long strand of pearls looped like a scarf are feminine with a capital F. I also like how the open front cardigan drapes around the hips as I could use a bit more volume in that area to balance out the top.

Which one would you choose for me and why?


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I'll definitely do this again

I had a client meeting yesterday and wanted to at least appear professional. I thought it was funny that everyone thought I was dressed up. However because I'm just getting started in my profession I think it's important show people what they expect to see when they're paying for advice and guidance from a lawyer. I certainly don't want people devaluing my services simply because I look like my advice should be free and rendered out the back of a van. But I think that's the subject of a completely different thread and how today's society sees very little reason to put any effort at all into self presentation. (I'm putting away my portable soap box).

Any way. I am wearing a sweater and ponte knit dress from Banana Republic (no maternity clothes in sight). I really like the tights and shoes with this dress I've never worn them together before. I just like how the violet is enhanced by the soft gray tones in the sweater and tights. I think the houndstooth print and oversized bow on the flats are both modern and playfully professional. I will definitely do this again.

Sadly I think it was ridiculous that I had to reach for a wool sweater AND rain coat in mid may because temperatures yesterday topped out in the upper 40's and low 50's! (Our never ending winter continues -- it actually SNOWED yesterday morning north of the city).


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Inspiration Challenge: Metropolis

Today's outfit came together easily. It's cold and rainy here but I did manage to pull out a top I have not worn in ages because it reminded me of the beams of light in this poster:
I was also inspired by the industrial feel and hard edges featured in the poster. I thought the Chanel-eque jacket was perfect because of the strong lines, subtle sparkle and sober tones. I added some heeled mary jane brogues and pinstripe trousers. 

As always tell me what you think. 

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Star Wars inspiration: Going for the gold

I was initially stumped at what to wear for this challenge. Like many other YLFers I thought cobalt and black with something sparkly or white -- but that would be too easy and simply reinforce all the things I wear already. So I thought about this sparkly bronze knit blouse I picked up from LOFT late last year and inspiration struck. I thought I would be the golden girl and see where my C3P0 inspiration would take me :-)

I am not sure it shows but I am wearing nude fishnet tights (thank you YLF) and Ralph Lauren pumps.

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Picture Perfect Challenge: Raiders of the Lost Ark

I was a little stumped by this inspiration picture from Ornella's post:
My style preferences (ladylike cosmoprep) generally do not include a "safari" look per se. There are, however, enough elements existing in my wardrobe to fake it. :-) What I like most about the poster is the lettering where gold fades to orange. Then there is a hint of blue in the back with the Arabian warrior. So that's where I got this. Tell me what you think!  

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The camo skinnies have arrived!

I missed you all while I was vacationing in sunny (cold) Orlando, Florida ;-) 
Apparently I brought the cold with me. Anyhow, I have been trying to figure out how to make camo skinnies a bit more sophisticated -- and I think I found the right balance without losing the camo edge.  I am sure you ladies will tell me how I did. 

The peplum top is a wool blend from Elie Tahari
The camo skinnies are reversible! (Flip Side from Target -- thank you Kkards!)
The jacket is a beautiful espresso leather from Wilson's Leathers 
And the shoes are Isabel Toledo for Payless. 

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Poppy Power!

Today’s outfit was inspired by Lyn*. This was not a specific commentary on what she wore, I was more inspired by how she wears her clothes. So this is an appropriate interpretation on what Lyn* would do on my body. I once wrote on one of her posts that her style makes me want to unleash my inner girl. Inner girl is on the loose and running free today ;-)

Also I find this look empowering because of an incident that happened to me yesterday. I’ll have to start with a little background. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I work at a boutique law firm that does estate and tax planning (yes this would be my dream job – I’m strange like that). There is only one woman attorney and the rest of the women are support staff. Needless to say the style quotient in the office hovers around zero.

Yesterday I was informed by the office manager (a woman) that I would need change cubicles. I didn’t think anything of it until I walked over to the new cubicle to find it… well, there’s no nice way to put this--a MESS! There were files, and papers stacked higher than my head when I sat down. Everything was covered with dust and nearly every inch of the desk top on three sides was covered with clutter and the keyboard made me want to sanitize my hands frequently. Needless to say this was a far cry from my old cubicle.

At first I was overwhelmed by the idea that I was expected to perform complex research in this environment. My eyes could barely focus on the tasks I had to complete for fear that something would come out of the mess and give me germs. I dutifully finished out the day and even completed one of my research assignments. I later became resentful once I got home. Then I woke up this morning with the perfect solution. Thursday morning I’ll just ask if I can volunteer to clean up that cube because of my allergies. Problem solved.

Needless to say my “deserve quotient” was pretty high this morning as I tried to figure out what to wear today. (Deserve Quotient is my little expression for how we soothe ourselves when things don’t go our way). So I am wearing a Lyn* inspired outfit to remind myself of a couple of things, you catch more flies with honey; anger is OK as long as it doesn’t blind you from finding a solution; and finally, we are all unique flowers with unique beauty and that uniqueness must find expression.