WIW on baby watch ;-)

This is what I wore to my now weekly doctor's visit. There are no maternity clothes in sight and I believe everything with the exception of the bag and shoes came from Kohl's.

I figured out how to wear this Simply Vera Wang sleeveless top. (YAY!) I love the contrast of the bright blue with the gray floral print. It's a petite large and as a result does not cover my belly, however I figured if I wore a bottom that went over my belly the hem of the top wouldn't look too short. It worked out just fine with my trusty skort.

I was also informed by my doctor that by and large I am at the finish line and DD may show up any day now over the course of the next 4 weeks. So I am officially on baby watch :-D (not to be confused with the TV show Bay Watch)!

I'm wearing:

  • Back cardigan - Daisy Fuentes
  • Top - Simply Vera Wang
  • Trusty white skort
  • Black lace ballet flat
  • Kenneth Cole tote in red-orange

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Blue and white for the 4th

I love this sweater because it is a lovely shade of cobalt. I love blue with white  there is something so clean about the combination. The sweater is linen from JCrew (I picked it up last year), and the white "skirt" is actually the skort I picked up nearly 3 weeks ago. Silver accents finish things off.

Happy 4th of July!!!!


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This was a hit

This outfit was cobbled together at the last minute before I had to rush out the door for my doctor's appointment. I really like the vibrant colors and of course there is the blue yellow and green theme again. I think the tunic is the star of the show. Funny how I never really wore this top until I got pregnant -- the proportions work better with a rounder tummy.

I'm wearing:

  • Tunic by Apostrophe (Sears)
  • ON BF crop jeans
  • ON grass green BF sweater
  • Sandals with gold trim (Kohl's - last year end of season purchase)
  • not shown white hand bag.
Happy 4th of July Weekend!


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Matchy Matchy

So my maternity inspiration on the forum Golden Pig/Natalie is a master at finding and pairing matching patterns and wearing them together. I thought of her when I paired my zebra printed jacket with my zebra printed kitten heels.

I was lamenting to Beth Ann on my post yesterday that some maternity tops are ridiculously DRAB. This one would be a prime example. In my defense, I bought this top online and had no clue that the blue had more gray undertones so it was not going to be the sharp vivid cobalt I wanted. I mentioned to Adelfa in her post earlier this week that "fake cobalt" looks great with black and white patterns. There's something about the high contrast of black and white that sharpens this shade of blue and makes it pop in the way you intended.

Also this top is made to grow with you but the sizing is HUGE. So even at 35 weeks this top has way too much room around the belly area for me. I thought the jacket and the white belt would give some structure and shape to this top. I think I succeeded.

I'm wearing mostly maternity today, but I would definitely remix this outfit and wear it again as a non-pregnant lady. How did I do?

  • Old Navy maternity top in "fake cobalt"
  • white belt
  • Zebra print jacket 
  • Loft maternity boot cut jeans 
  • Ellen Tracey zebra print kitten heels 
  • Coach white patent handbag


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Pastels may be in but I prefer vivid colors

I wore this to run errands yesterday. I also realized that I will never love pastels more than I love my vivid colors especially when paired with navy. This look may not be on trend but it's definitely representative of my personal style.
The only thing that's maternity in this outfit is the navy tee.
I'm wearing:

  • ON green boyfriend sweater 
  • ON navy maternity tee 
  • White skort (scored 2 weeks ago! ) 
  • Aqua Crocs 
  • Yellow LC tote 
  • Yellow skinny belt 
Happy Thursday!


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With a little help from my friends ...

Thursdays are marathons for me and yesterday was no different. I have standing a doctor's appointment early in the morning and birthing classes in the evening with DH. Our usual routine is I pick him up from work and we'll squeeze in a light dinner before class. Mid-days are used to run errands since I'm already dressed. To top off all that activity I also try to squeeze in a nap during the afternoon so that I'm alert for the evening's class. Whew!

So this outfit was inspired when I scrolled though my favorites from the forum (thank you ladies!). I settled on Adelfa's business casual look from last week and decided to keep the yellow bag in play based on Rae's outfit from several months ago. I thought Adelfa's outfit was so polished and classic in addition to being easy for me to copy since cropped BF jeans are one of my 2 maternity bottoms. The inspiration to continue carrying my yellow bag was deliberate. It was from an outfit Rae wore earlier this year also from my favorites. Rae sported a similar color palette then added a bright yellow bag. So essentially yesterday's outfit was cobbled together with the "help of my friends" on the forum. I'm wearing:

  • Old Navy Bateau tee in cream and black 
  • Apt 9 cropped peplum black jacket 
  • Old Navy Maternity BF cropped jeans 
  • Puma ballet flats in gray and teal
  • LC yellow tote
Happy Friday!


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I love teal and yellow!

Nothing I wore today came from the maternity department. My skirt is hitched up pretty far and it seems that my teal tee is acting to give me a dropped waist. I rather like the effect. Additionally I love butterflies and they are featured in the print on my skirt. I thought my yellow tote was a nice counterpoint to my teal tee. I felt like I was participating in fashion today and not sitting in maternity exile.
I'm wearing:

  • Apt. 9  tee in Teal
  • H&M print skirt 
  • Liz Claiborne yellow tote 
  • tan lace ballet flats 
I've included a bonus pic of another teal and yellow outfit I wore last weekend. 


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Python Prints and Memories of Wedded Bliss

I wore these python printed pieces (blouse and shoes) to a recent doctor's appointment. I thought this outfit worked out rather well. It's rather neutral but I thought the print saved it from being utterly boring. Only the pants are maternity. Given the small universe of maternity pieces I have I marvel at the idea that any of my regular clothes look appropriate and fit well at 32 weeks. This blouse has a twin in gray because I could not decide which one I liked better. I can actually button the front over my belly but not my bust line which I find hilarious.
I'm wearing:

  • ON scoop neck tee in beige (not the soul-sucking kind, well maybe it is but the python saves it I think)
  • ON python print chiffon blouse in beige
  • LOFT maternity jeans
  • Vera Wang python print ballet flats
In other topics today June 7, is my fifth wedding anniversary. We are spending the day together doing tourist-y things in our fair city. I thought I would share with the forum a few of my favorite memories from my wedding day.

Happy Saturday and thanks for walking down memory lane with me :-) 


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Holiday weekend wear

I was a whole lot busier this weekend than I'd anticipated. A lot of it was that life administration stuff, changing banks, checking up on accounts, ordering baby basics, making room for said baby basics etc. etc.

There was fun to be had DH ran a 10 mile race on Saturday morning. With all the spectator changes I was not able to cheer him on in person. (Who wants to be in a room full of strangers for 2 hours on a beautiful spring morning at 5am???) Instead we went to brunch mid-morning at our favorite spot.

Sunday I took a break from everything -- I felt like things around the house were getting out of order and needed attention. Yesterday we went to the movies and I really enjoyed our pick - the X Men movie. Anyhow, this is what I wore this weekend:

#1 is from Saturday and #'s 2&3 are from yesterday.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


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I love a floral flutter sleeve

This blouse is from Banana Republic I added it to my wardrobe about 2 years ago. I of course love the colors, v neck and flutter sleeve.

I am amazed at how long some of my standard fit blouses are. I've said many times on the forum that I have a short torso. As a result many standard fit blouses are nearly tunics on me not because I'm short but because there just isn't must space between my shoulders and hips. I'm not complaining because if I weren't pregnant I'd just belt the excess and keep it moving. The advantage to these super long tops is that they work beautifully at covering my expanding belly. I can't remember who it was suggested that I buy clothing for tall women to avoid maternity clothes since the longer lengths would cover my belly, but she was right in theory. I just don't need to go all the way to tall to get the same benefit. 

So I'm doing more blues and greens today accented by yellow. I love this color combination and it was perfect for today's pleasant temps in the low 60's.

I'm wearing:

  • BR flutter sleeve blouse
  • J Crew cardigan 
  • ON maternity BF jeans 
  • teal scarf (World Market accessories)
  • tan lace ballet flats 
  • Yellow Liz Claiborne tote
Thanks for looking and Happy Thursday!

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